DDSIL is working in 28 wards to develop, run and maintain an effective infrastructure for collection, segregation, transportation and disposal of Solid Waste. Major emphasis has been laid on devising a system that ensures collection of solid waste from the source, lifting drains silt and street sweeping waste, green waste generated from houses, parks, roads side trees, construction and demolition waste, providing for efficient transfer and temporary storage without allowing mixing of different kinds of waste – a system that promotes 3R concept of reducing, recycling and reuse of waste – eventually reduce burden of carrying entire waste to landfills.

Project scope is Collection and Transportation of Municipal Solid Waste, Street Sweeping Waste, Drain Silt, Green Waste and Construction & Demolition Waste and any other solid waste specified by SDMC from time to time (Conforming Waste) as per ‘Scope of Work’ and procedures laid down in this Project Information Memorandum (PIM).

There are 5 (Five) major identifiable components in the Project Scope:

  1. Collection and transportation of Municipal solid waste (MSW) and street sweeping waste
  2. Collection and transportation of drain silt
  3. Collection and transportation of green waste
  4. Collection and transportation of ‘construction and demolition’ waste,
  5. Implementing IEC for better sanitation and waste management